Kris Bartels | Some Thoughts
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Some Thoughts

Life is tricky.  Just when I feel like I have things under control, a massive wave comes and knocks me off track.  On one hand, I feel as if I know what I am doing and feel like I am doing my best, but at the same time, there is a force and a thought that is telling me that I am not doing enough.

I know materialistic things are not everything.  They are just part of THIS world and for that reason, I need to care.  I want to have nice things and not worry about if or where we can go out to eat.  I want to provide for my family in a way that gives them the freedom to not worry about anything.

In a perfect world, I just want to worry about my family.  I just want to make them happy and get their approval.  Now that I have a  child and he is about to be a year old, I am starting to think about how he will see me when he gets older.  Will I be a washed out dad or a father figure that has provided for him and has given him the love and support he needed.


I don’t know.