Kris Bartels | June Update
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June Update

Have you ever felt like you were going a thousand miles an hour?  That is how I feel now…sort of.

Since May, I attended two weddings (both for my brother), went to Israel for 8 days and left my 9 month old son back at home, finished the school year, created a few websites (with more to do), started Daddy Daycare, and started to remodel my master bathroom.  Oh, and I missed the final cut to a reality TV show with my sister.

For June, I finished the school year on a good note and was able to get a bunch of stuff done at the high school before the summer.  I actually had to turn down a summer school job in order to start Daddy Daycare.  Don’t get confused, Daddy Daycare is what I call my summer when I watch my Son all summer.  It is still a little weird to say I have a Son.

I have been trying to position myself to be comfortable at home with Bishop while still being able to do MY stuff.  It is a hard balance and it doesn’t really help when you are trying to remodel your bathroom.

We started the remodel on Monday and it has now been two days of full work.  Initially, I was supposed to completely demo and clear out the bathroom.  It was straight nasty and I ran out of time.  So Day 1, the guys came in and cleared it all out and prepped for the actual tile work.  Day 2, they installed the wall tiles and prepped for the foundation and floor.  Day 3 will be the floors and grout.  Day 4 should be final touches and the glass estimates.

The hardest part about the bathroom is the decision making.  I know it isn’t permanent and I can change anything I want later.  But it is about getting it right to begin with.  Shayna and I actually bout all the tile 4 days before the install, but we changed a few things after the first day.  I have been to 2 different Floor & Decors 7 different time in 4 days.  I also have gone to 3 other tile places as well as Home Depot and Lowes more than I would like to admit.  I bought 4 different shower faucets and I am still unsure about my design.  Oh well.

IMG_2171[1] IMG_2195[1]