Kris Bartels | I Bought a Drone – Holy Stone Predator
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I Bought a Drone – Holy Stone Predator

This little article is about the Holy Stone Predator Drone that I purchased off Amazon.  I have been curious about drones and the potential to include them into my class curriculum as well as my daily routines.  The price point for these drones is $40, so they are not a super expensive investment.

To start, the box is super clean and looks as good as they come compared to other drones and packaging.  The instructions are clear and give in-depth information on the controller, drone parts, and general regulations in case you decide to fly in a restricted area.  The box included a white remote, the drone, and spare parts.

I was impressed with how fast I was able to get the drone from the package to the air.  Keeping the drone in the sky was an entirely different challenge.  The price point of this beginners drone has given me some confidence when trying to fly it because I am not entirely worried about breaking it.  The durability of the Holy Stone Predator has proven to be built like a beast.  I have crashed it into the wall, floor, ceiling, and other people, multiple times.  It still flies as it did when it was brand new.

I would highly recommend this drone for a beginner when thinking about going for a DJI Spark or some other bigger drone.  The downside is that the Predator does not have a camera, so seeing where you are going from a distance is a bit of a challenge.

My next purchase will be a slightly more expensive drone that has a camera.  Do you have a drone?  Let me know in the comments below.