Kris Bartels | Coffee and Society
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Coffee and Society

Coffee Coffee Coffee

How much does coffee have an impact on you or on the people around you? I know this opening line might sound like we are talking about an addiction to some sort of drug, but I am only talking about coffee. Coffee seems to be the gasoline for our society. It is morning “jump starter”, afternoon “picker-upper”, and nightly “finisher”. In other words, some people can’t do anything in the morning until they have their coffee. Other people can’t make it past 2 pm before they have some sort of coffee. The recreational drinkers NEED a cup as they unwind on the couch or right before they start binge watching their favorite TV show.

I think coffee has more important qualities than just the fact that it provides a boost in energy. This is how I see coffee and I would love to know how you think of it. That is your cue to leave a comment at the bottom. My typical day starts around 5:45 am. Sometimes I can get away with gently waking up without hearing the sound of my 18-month-old son or the nudging of my 70-pound dog grabbing at my feet. I then head to work around 7 am and teach a few classes before by lunch break at 10:48 am. School ends at 2:40 pm and I pick my son up and get home by 3:15 pm. Between 3:15 pm and 6:45 pm, I watch my son, clean up a little bit, make dinner, and sometimes go out and run errands.

I say all this to make the point that I need a morning “jump starter”, afternoon “picker-upper”, and nightly “finisher”. My morning tends to go much more smooth when I have a fresh cup of brewed coffee. I do like the fancy stuff, lattes and macchiatos, but a hot cup of home brewed coffee is the best in the morning. I typically purchase some Starbucks ground coffee when it is on sale, and it last until the next sale. Throughout the morning, I’ll sip on the brewed coffee until I get to my lunch break. Depending on the day I am having, I might stop and grab an iced coffee from Starbucks, or maybe some sort of fancy cold drink. After dinner, I almost always have some sort of coffee. Most of the time, I use our Nespresso machine and make 2 shots of espresso with some milk and sugar. After writing this, I just realized how much coffee I drink.

Some people close to me consider me to be a coffee snob. I do love my Starbucks and enjoy a hot cup of coffee from there as much as I enjoy a fancy drink. I also love small cafes that roast their own beans and have a hipster vibe. That seems to be our culture these days. You have 3 categories of coffee drinkers. First are the old school coffee drinkers. Those are the people who started drinking Dunkin Doughnuts and grabbing a doughnut. Then you have the business crew of coffee drinkers. Those are the people that use Starbucks as their office or study small while taking advantage of the free refills. Then you have the hipsters. You can find these types of people at almost any coffee spot ordering a drink that isn’t on the menu while throwing in a bunch of words that the old school and business crew doesn’t even know.

Even still, all the people who drink coffee do it for more than the taste of the drink. For example, in the mornings the fresh smell of coffee tends to lift people up, warm people up, and make them feel all good inside. At least for me, it does that. If you have coffee at your workplace, it gives you a chance to get away from your desk and mingle with a few people around you. Coffee also provides a good meeting spot when catching up with a friend or discussing some sort of business. Can you imagine trying to set up a meeting of a soda or some juice? Me either.

Coffee is more than a drink. I enjoy coffee for the taste as well as the role it plays in our society. If you like coffee as much as I do, check out a few of the link below.