Kris Bartels | 32 Years Old | 32 Things About Me
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32 Years Old | 32 Things About Me

As of July 27th, 2017, I am 32 years old.  Every year since around the age of 23, I reflect on my age and what I have accomplished so far in life.  A lot of those birthdays were spent doing something fun like zip lining in Costa Rica or playing around in the Bahamas.  A lot of those birthdays were also filled with anxiety as I have always felt that I have not really accomplished that much.  I take this chance every year to look myself in the mirror and size up what kind of life I have lived and what I can do this upcoming year to make it better.

I am taking a different approach at 32, though.  Instead of filling my mind with “What if” or “If only I”, I am going to list a few things that have been important to me as well as a few things that tell people a little bit more about myself.  With this new age, comes a new perspective.  What happened last year is old news, and what happens tomorrow isn’t promised.  The only thing I have, the only thing we have, is right now.

So with that being said, here is a list of 32 things about me.

Top 4 Foods

  1. Chopped Pork from Tom Jenkins Bar-B-Que
  2. Hawaiian Pizza from Mellow Mushroom
  3. Grilled Chik-Fil-A Sandwich (the #7)
  4. My Mom’s Baked Ziti

Top 4 Desserts

  1. Oreo / Cookies and Creme Ice Cream
  2. Warm Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream
  3. Funfetti Cake
  4. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Top 4 Places I have Traveled to

  1. Rome
  2. Costa Rica (white water rafting)
  3. Las Vegas (Guys Trip)
  4. Israel

Top 4 Places I Would Like to Go

  1. New Zealand
  2. Australia
  3. Hawaii
  4. Galápagos Islands

Top 4 Pairs of Shoes

  1. Jordan Retro 11 Lows (Concord)
  2. Jordan Retro 1 (Royals)
  3. TOMS
  4. Creative Recreation Cesario Lo

Top 4 Fears

  1. Families Health
  2. Not being the best person I can be for my family
  3. Letting my son grow up without a Dad
  4. Looking back and having regrets

Top 4 Wishes I Have

  1. I wish there was no hate in the world.
  2. I wish all kids had the proper resources for them to reach their full potential
  3. I wish I was financially stable so that I could stay home and play with kid/kids all day.
  4. I wish Chik-Fil-A was open on Sundays

I know this is a pretty random list of things.  If I could ask one thing of everyone who reads this, it would be to…


Write a hand written letter to someone and tell them how much they mean to you and the importance of having them in your life.