Kris Bartels | Grace and Gratitude
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Grace and Gratitude

Grace and Gratitude.

Grace, the feeling of calmness, composure, and mental well being at a certain time and place.

Gratitude, the appreciation, and recognition of the people and things that impact you at a certain time and place.

Gratitude is what gives me Grace.  My appreciation for the people and things around me and my ability to see the positive in people and situations is what gives me Grace.

Grace fills my heart and allows me to project Grace and show Gratitude to others.

“Grace and Gratitude” is a cycle.  The more Grace that you experience, the more Gratitude you have.  The more Gratitude you show, the more Grace you have.

I am grateful for so much.  I think if you think about your life and the situation you are in right now, you can probably say the same.  You probably know someone who is going through a rough time or is hitting a few speed bumps in life.  We all have.  It is important to embrace those feelings and obstacles and find the best in each situation.  For me, I try to find the best in each person I encounter.  Through my appreciation for that person, I can find an appreciation in my moment.  I can find grace.

I am the person I am today, not because of my own efforts, but my efforts plus the people around me.

Who are you grateful for?

Who has made an impact on your life, that may not know?

What brings you Grace and fills your heart with compassion and understanding?

I encourage you to try to answer these questions as truthfully and honestly as possible.

Once you do that, reach out to a person or two on your list and tell them how much you appreciate their impact on your life.