Kris Bartels | What Building Websites Is Worth
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What Building Websites Is Worth

Thanks for checking out this post.  Below I will go over how much you can make for building websites as well as a few tips and tricks on how to actually make them.

First, I have a few questions for you.

  1. What is your time worth?
  2. Would you like to make extra money?
  3. Do you want to help people and businesses reach their goals?

If you have some extra time and you want to maximize your potential as well as make some extra cash or would love to help people with their goals, then creating websites might be your thing.

Now to be 100% honest.  I am not a web designer or web developer by trade.  I did not go to school or receive a degree in those disciplines.  I simply had an idea for a website and started to tinker with the internet.  Next thing you know, 10 years later and I am still learning and still creating websites.

When I first started, I applied some skills I learned from tinkering with MySpace.  Anyone remember that?  From MySpace, I made a simple website with true html and some css.  Then I found WordPress and learned some backend stuff with hosting and php.

Enough about me…let me explain how this website and internet stuff works.

There are essentially three parts that go into making a website.

  • Domain
  • Host
  • Backend

The domain name is the or whatever you want yours to be.

The host does exactly that.  It hosts the domain name as well as the backend information.

The backend is hosted on the host and contains all of the information and files that make your website look the way it does.

This is just the basic idea of how websites work.  Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials and video available to you.  One of the best places that I have seen has been TreeHouse.  They have a great video series here.

How to make a website