Kris Bartels | Day Two
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Day Two

Started off great.  I was able to sleep in til 7:43 and was woken up by the fist of my 9 month old son.  We hung out for a few, then I made some cereal and he wrecked his play area.  Around 8:55 am, his eyes got red and he was ready for his nap.  He usually sleeps for an hour.  After singing to him and rocking him a bit, he finally fell asleep.

From there, I have been trying to get him to sleep in his crib so once he falls asleep, I try to lay him down in there.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t having it and I wanted him to get his nap.  So…him and I passed out on the couch till 11 am.  He was then late for his 10 am solid food feeding.  I find it funny how parents talk about “feedings” and “diaper changes” as if they were pets and cars.

I gave Bishop a banana, a hand full of blueberries and fresh cut mango pieces.  Dude eats like a beast and makes a mess most of the time.  That is a work in progress.  After he ate, we were set for a busy day.

We went to Crossfit at 12:30. He played in the gym a bit as I hung out with some adults.  Definitely undervalued when you are with a toddler all day.  We went and saw his mommy and her friends at work around 1 and he ate his bottle there.  Then we went home and he took a small nap on the way home.  I tried setting him in his crib from his car seat and he said “no thanks”.  I then fed him his next solid food feeding around 3 pm.  He ate an entire avocado and few pieces of watermelon.  He loves avocados as much as he loves bananas.

Since he crazy with his lunch, we decided to jump in the pool.  I am trying to give him some swim lessons, but I am kind of just winging it.  I watched a few youtube videos, but nothing that is that great.  If you have one to recommend, comment below or email me.  After the pool he jumped in his fresh water pool as I watered the grass and did some yard work.

Then it was time for his \4:45 bottle.  I stillhad to go to the Fresh Market to get him his food for the week.  So I loaded him up again and he went to sleep.  He slept from the time we left until the time we got back.  It was a good hour and fifteen minute nap.

We ended the day at Tijuana Flats with his mom and he ate a bowl full of butternut squash and a apple sauces squeeze treat.  Tomorrow should be a good day for me to get some work done.  I am taking him down to his grandmas so I can run some errands.