Kris Bartels | 3 Great Gift for Fathers Day
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3 Great Father’s Day Gifts

In this short article, I will be giving you three great options for belated Father’s Day Gifts.

What is unique is my perspective of what a great gift is considered to be.  As a dad of a toddler, I look at gift-giving for Father’s Day a lot different.  “What would I like or want?” is a question I asked myself when looking for these gifts.


Apple Watch and Iphone Docking/Charging Station 

This is not a typical docking station.  This is the first dock that charges both, the Iphone and the Apple Watch.  What I like the most about the design, besides the cheap price point of $9.99, is the clean design made of natural materials.  To check out more pictures of this docking station, click here.

Treehut Men’s Wooden Bamboo Watch

Who doesn’t love a new watch?  And to stick with the same material, who would love a watch made of all natural materials.  This Treehut watch has a genuine leather band and a bamboo face.  The price point is a little bit higher, but your Dad does deserve something this great.  To get more details about this watch, click here.

WOODIES Zebra Wood Sunglasses with Green Mirror Lenses

I know what you are thinking.  “This guy keeps suggesting bamboo!”  Absolutely.  Here are two reasons why.  First of all, Bamboo is eco-friendly and does not use plastic.  The other reason is that it looks great!  Anyway, here is a pair of sunglasses made by Woodies.  Great company, better sunglasses.  To read more about the sunglasses and see the other colors they offer, click here.

Well I hope you like these recomendations.  Even more important, I hope they are the best gifts your Father has ever received.  Happy Father’s Day!