Kris Bartels | 10 Thoughts on the First 10 Days as a Dad of Two
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10 Thoughts on the First 10 Days as a Dad of Two

Wow….A little while back, I wasn’t sure if I would ever have the opportunity to be a father and raise a child.  Now I wonder how different it will be with two little ones running around.

Ten days ago, my wife delivered another baby boy into this world.  I was unsure of how to react or what emotions I was going to have.  With the first baby boy, I was full of nerves, everything was brand new, and I was all over the place in terms of “jumping at every noise”.

So far, baby boy number two has been a night and day difference than the first.  The nerves have been there, but for a different reason.  I kind of had some guilt as we were driving to the hospital, “Is this what our first son want?”.  I was debating internally with my schedule and how I was going to be able to give the same amount of attention to the newborn as I did our first kid.

Needless to say, the experience has been amazing and I don’t think it could be any better.  Below are 10 thoughts for the Dad expecting their second kid.

  1. The nerves of number two are not as high, but your standards for caring for a newborn are higher.
  2. Don’t stress the time management.  Things will work out as long as you pour your love into each kid with the time you have.
  3. Embrace the moment.  You already know it is going to be tough.  But this isn’t your first rodeo.  Have patience, help your wife, and enjoy the journey.
  4. The lack of sleep isn’t nearly as terrible as it might have been the first time around.  If your first kid is young enough, you will understand that there still are no days to “sleep in”.  Oh well.
  5. Give your wife some pace so she can develop the same type of bond.  Take your first kid out to the playground or spend some more time away from the house to help your wife focus on motherhood.
  6. Remind your first child of the newborn.  The sooner they realize their role in the family, older sibling, protector, the better.
  7. Show compassion to your wife.  Sometimes I forget that she just carried a child and delivered a baby.  One of life’s greatest miracles.
  8. Remeber, being a good parent isn’t established in one day.  You are going to mess up at some point.  No big deal.  You have an entire life to make up for it.
  9. No two kids are the same.  What your first kid did may or make not be the same things baby two does.  It is okay!
  10. The diaper changes are nastier than you remember.  Just a heads up.  They stink!

I am sure there are more thoughts that go through my mind every day, but these seem to be the ones that occur most often.  If you have questions with being a dad of two, send me an email.  I would love to talk.


Good luck!