Kris Bartels | About
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Life comes at you at 1,000 miles an hour.  Before you know it, the show is over.  I truly believe that life is a journey and throughout the journey, we encounter obstacles and learn from everything around us.  What we do tomorrow is not always predicated based off of yesterday, but what we learn from today will surely help us tomorrow.  For me, it is important to live in the moment, considering every moment could be the last.  Being INTENTIONAL is a pretty broad word that umbrellas a bunch of things for me.  It is the idea that everything I do or say, I say with intent.  When conversing, I am in the moment.

Engagement is important to me and I try to be as engaging as possible.  What exactly does that mean?  It means that I interact with the people and things around me.  I listen and provide thoughtful responses.  I tell stories that invigorate people and that inspires them do something or make something or try something they have been wanting to do or try, but never really had anyone in their corner with them.  I ask questions and try to really figure it out.  I am supportive and the one guy you probably want to have in your corner, whether it be to write you a letter of recommendation, or have your back in a street brawl!


Empathy.  It is not a word that is often used, but something that is often missing in life.  It is the ability to see things through someone else’s lenses or try to walk in their shoes.  For me, it is important to see things from another persons perspective.  No matter what season of life or what the content it, there are still feelings and emotions that will have a factor on the well being and livelihood of an individual.  I make a conscious effort to see things as another individual does so that I can try and relate.  Whether it is giving them advise on fitness, or what their next step should be, or if their relationship is worth saving; I find it important to talk to them and not down on them.  Empathizing with people puts me on the same plane with them and from that position, I can offer my humble ear to listen, heart to feel, and words to encourage.